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Class Descriptions 

Intro To Pilates 

The starting point for anyone new to Pilates. 'Intro' will enable you to master your Pilates ABCs (Alignment, Breathing, Core Stability) through a range of Beginner exercises and opens the door to other classes available at The Studio. 

Core Pilates 

During Core classes we will take you through the main Pilates matwork repertoire. You will develop your Pilates technique and skills by means of a balanced, effective, total body workout - with particular focus on your core whilst also incorporating small equipment. 

Dynamic Pilates 

Dynamic Pilates is an up-tempo class designed to help you build endurance, strength and stability. It is a flowing mat-based class which will also incorporate small equipment such as toning circles, stretch bands and balls to keep you challenged! 

Modified - Healthy Backs 

Designed to help prevent and manage back pain . These classes give you a gentle balanced workout with the focus on strengthening the core muscles that help support your back, improve the quality of movements and keep your spine flexible and strong. Suitable for beginner and other levels. 


The six week Beginners course will guide you through the fundamentals of Pilates including the Pilates ABCs (Alignment, Breathing, Core Stability). As your strength and ability increases and improves we will work with you and encourage your progression into one of the other classes available at Pilatesworks4u. 


Our relaxation classes incorporate the key Pilates principles of mindful movement, to energise and strengthen your body, leaving you feeling more toned and flexible. Ultimately the restorative properties of Pilates will encourage and promote relaxation. 


Our dedicated post-natal class is designed specifically to enable you reconnect to your core and pelvic floor. By strengthening your core, pelvic floor, arms and back you will improve your posture. The exercises will also help you relax and release the tension you may be experiencing from lack of sleep and the physical and postural challenges you may be facing with pregnancy and motherhood. 

Stretch & Release 

Controlled stretching increases flexibility and strength gently encouraging a greater range of motion. Stretching also strengthens the muscles dynamically while energizing the core and the subsequent release will diminish tension and stress from your whole body. 

Childrens' Pilates 

Children’s Pilates and movement encourages children to be aware of their body and how it works. It promotes good posture, which in turn increases strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility – all qualities used daily on the playground or in sports and everyday activities. Pilates for children is a fun form of fitness using balls, bean bags and other equipment. 
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